Friday, December 19, 2008

The Next Step

9 months have passed and all is well in the 5 states which have been wrestled away from BN. Pakatan Rakyat states have been managed pretty well thus far. However this is not the time to be complacent. There have been problems but I assume these problems are inherent to any new organisation. Changes in structural and financial management take time however changes which can be seen are evident and most of the outcry or rants are from supporters of BN who feel they have been left out. Which is not true considering what has been done. The only difference being they (BN) supporters or strongmen or should I say warlords don't have the final say in whatever they want to do in times past. It is however still very sad to see the Main Stream Media still nit picking and highlighting every possible mistake however miniscule it might seem just to hit out at the Pakatan Rakyat governed states. We all know this doesn't happen to any of the BN held states. Sooner or later BN will realise that we TRUE MALAYSIANS are wiser now than ever before. We want to see more transparency and good governance for the good of the nation and for the future of our children and grandchildren. No longer are we hoodwinked in to beleiving whatever is being fed to us by the Main Stream Media.
What is the next step then? In my humble and insignifican opinion Pakatan needs to strive and work harder than ever in the coming months if not years to come to form a solid foundation of good, honest and transparent managment in order to gain the trust of many more Malaysians. This will include the continued liberisation of PAS. I am a muslim convert and seeing the improvements made in terms of the beliefs in PAS has improved immensly. No longer can anyone say that PAS is hell bent on the implimentation of an islamic state here in Malaysia. Although I do believe some in PAS still want this to happen I am very sure others in PAS know very well it will never happen. Malaysia is a multi ethnic and multi religious country, our parents and grandparents have long taught us the values of respecting one another irrespective of race and religion. It is BN now who are still harping on religious and race issues as they still beleive we can be divided and ruled. Even in the times of Rassullah S.A.W religion is freedom of choice. To impose is not a 'true' teaching of islam. Islam is a way of life, I chose to be a muslim not because of marriage, I chose to be muslim because I beleived in the way of life of being a muslim. I still proudly and firmly profess that I am chinese but muslim by religion. I teach my children respect of other races and religions as we are humans.
The continued liberisation of PAS and good and honest governance is THE NEXT STEP!!!!!! I firmly beleive PAKATAN RAKYAT will achieve in goals in time to come. My only hope is that our trust in PAKATAN RAKYAT is not betrayed. Keep up the good work!!!!