Friday, December 19, 2008

The Next Step

9 months have passed and all is well in the 5 states which have been wrestled away from BN. Pakatan Rakyat states have been managed pretty well thus far. However this is not the time to be complacent. There have been problems but I assume these problems are inherent to any new organisation. Changes in structural and financial management take time however changes which can be seen are evident and most of the outcry or rants are from supporters of BN who feel they have been left out. Which is not true considering what has been done. The only difference being they (BN) supporters or strongmen or should I say warlords don't have the final say in whatever they want to do in times past. It is however still very sad to see the Main Stream Media still nit picking and highlighting every possible mistake however miniscule it might seem just to hit out at the Pakatan Rakyat governed states. We all know this doesn't happen to any of the BN held states. Sooner or later BN will realise that we TRUE MALAYSIANS are wiser now than ever before. We want to see more transparency and good governance for the good of the nation and for the future of our children and grandchildren. No longer are we hoodwinked in to beleiving whatever is being fed to us by the Main Stream Media.
What is the next step then? In my humble and insignifican opinion Pakatan needs to strive and work harder than ever in the coming months if not years to come to form a solid foundation of good, honest and transparent managment in order to gain the trust of many more Malaysians. This will include the continued liberisation of PAS. I am a muslim convert and seeing the improvements made in terms of the beliefs in PAS has improved immensly. No longer can anyone say that PAS is hell bent on the implimentation of an islamic state here in Malaysia. Although I do believe some in PAS still want this to happen I am very sure others in PAS know very well it will never happen. Malaysia is a multi ethnic and multi religious country, our parents and grandparents have long taught us the values of respecting one another irrespective of race and religion. It is BN now who are still harping on religious and race issues as they still beleive we can be divided and ruled. Even in the times of Rassullah S.A.W religion is freedom of choice. To impose is not a 'true' teaching of islam. Islam is a way of life, I chose to be a muslim not because of marriage, I chose to be muslim because I beleived in the way of life of being a muslim. I still proudly and firmly profess that I am chinese but muslim by religion. I teach my children respect of other races and religions as we are humans.
The continued liberisation of PAS and good and honest governance is THE NEXT STEP!!!!!! I firmly beleive PAKATAN RAKYAT will achieve in goals in time to come. My only hope is that our trust in PAKATAN RAKYAT is not betrayed. Keep up the good work!!!!

Friday, March 21, 2008

Still Race Based!!!!

Confused is the general feeling I would say among the rakyat who pulled together to vote for change. Our votes certainly proved to be the telling factor in determining the unexpected results in the last General Elections. We wanted an end to race based politics, all we want is good governance and equality for all. Now more than ever we should be looking at merits not the color of our skin. I still don't understand why in the Barisan Rakyat held states there is still bickering and lobbying for fair representation in terms of race!!!!!! Should it not be based on merits and capabilities???
All three opposition parties which have finally closed ranks to deny BN a clean sweep. Their campaign was based on equality for all irrespective of race. Why now do we see bickering and haggling among themselves on who should get what position and the number??? Selangor is a prime example, how come everybody now is haggling that each party should have a fair representation in the state exco??? Maybe I'm naive in the study of political science, but I sincerely feel that the elected Menteri Besar of every Barisan Rakyat held state elect his state exco members based on merits and capabilities. Not based on which party he or she belongs to. Did they not campaign that if elected that everyone will be treated as Bangsa Malaysia and not as an individual race??? Did they not promise the wealth of our beloved Malaysia will be shared by all and not but a select group?
Sure, the electorate might to a certain degree question and ask for representation according to the party that he or she has voted for. However at the end of the day I sincerely feel if we the rakyat are not taken for a ride and are treated with respect and our worries addressed we would not complain or grumble.
The onus is on the Menteri Besar of each and every Barisan Rakyat held state to ensure the electorate that no one will be left out or left behind irrespective of who is elected to the state exco. This bickering and haggling has and must be stopped lest the Barisan Rakyat ends up like BN.
We the electorate on the 0ther hand must also trust the capability of the personality that we have voted for to bring about the change that we have long been denied. It is not an easy proposition to face but if we really want Bangsa Malaysia to be a reality we have to work towards it. Meaning our elected representatives MUST allay our fears and put an end to race based politics. We too must give them a chance to prove themselves. It is still much too early to be saying that they or no better than BN. They have barely started work.
On the other hand PKR/DAP/PAS must come to terms and respect each other. No one party would have been able to achieve this famous victory on it's own. In collaboration all three parties have achieved this victory. All I hope now is that this bickering and haggling about fair representation according to race/party stop and the focus on fulfilling their campaign promises be carried out as a combined entity.

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Relevance of BN

It's a whole new world as far as Malaysia is concerned. For most people like me it is both scary and exciting. The prospect of a paradigm shift in Malaysian politics is long overdue. Race based politics is dying and more and more Malaysians are warming up to the idea of one nation one race, THE MALAYSIAN RACE (BANGSA MALAYSIA).
BN however is still harping on the same issues and are trying to stay relevant. UMNO,MCA and MIC are still in denial. It is really mind boggling that the top echelon of each component party still do not realize the main reason for their defeat.
What the electorate wants is good governance,fairness,equality,transparency,justice and peace. The idea of championing one particular group and or race is irrelevant. Representation by race is obsolete. The electorate has shown that it matters not if the individual is Malay,Chinese or Indian or from which party he or she is from. What matters is that he or she is able to champion the rights of all. Sure most would argue that the votes and victories garnered by BR were mostly protest votes but at the end of the day, protest or not it still represents the fact that the electorate has had enough. They want, in fact demand fairness and equality for all irrespective of race and religion.
Which brings up the question of the RELEVANCE OF BN. How are BN and her component parties are to stay relevant?? Surprisingly a smaller component partner (GERAKAN Perak) has raised the idea of an AMALGAMATION of BN and her component parties. Much like PKR which represents all races. Although some may argue that the percentage of malays is high in PKR it matters not. The fact remains PRK is still based as a multiracial party representing all races. Postmortems are well and good but to do it individually by each component party is of no use. It may yield results in answering why the electorate shunned UMNO,MCA,MIC and GERAKAN at the polls. Nonetheless if BN and her component parties do not collectively conduct a postmortem the end result will be the same which will be loss of support.
A two party system in Malaysian Politics is still a long way off. The fact remains however that WE as a nation have finally taken the first steps toward such a scenario. It is in fact a coming of age for the country, one which is overdue. With these first steps taken BN and her component parties need to EVOLVE and CHANGE with the times and not vice versa. Questions will be raised by the electorate on the relevance of BN and as such she will be no longer relevant in the next General Election.

Saturday, March 15, 2008

Sour Grapes and Irresponsible Leaders

The General Election has come an d gone and now that the dust has somewhat settled we are beginning to see the true colours of the winners and losers. Heartiest congratulations to PAS/DAP/PKR, the rakyat have now given you the mandate in 5 states and KL. All you need to do now is walk the talk. Do remember who put you there and what it has taken for you to get there yourself. The promise of equality, fairness and good governance in which you have trumpeted throughout your campaign have given us, the rakyat, a semblance of hope that we are indeed 'Malaysia, Truly Asia'.

To the losers, I truly hope that this is an eye opener. It's high time BN take stock of where they stand and come to terms with the fact that they are now dealing with a new breed of electorate. An electorate which has grown and matured. An electorate which can think for themselves and which cannot be blinded by mere promises of luxury and money.

The last couple of days have seen BN leaders react irresponsibly, with statements which are both grossly racial and worse inciting racial disharmony. The protest which was held in Penang yesterday if proof enough that BN Leaders in Penang are spiteful, irresponsible and self serving. I pray and hope that they don't speak for all malays in Penang. The call for retracting all projects funded by the Federal Government in Penang solely because it is now run by DAP is so childish. Kudos to the former Chief Minister (Tan Sri Koh Soo Khoon) in saying that these projects should be carried out despite Penang being governed by DAP.

The onus is now on BN to prove that they are better managers and prove to the electorate that rejected them that they are more capable. Playing the racial card is both obsolete and selfish. I was shocked and disappointed when seasoned MCA/GERAKAN leaders such as Chua Jui Meng and Lim Keng Yaik came out with statements which were biased and racially inclined. We are a nation that is growing and maturing. Racial and religious statements are no longer well received nor accepted by the vast majority who want equal rights and justice for all under the Malaysian sun. We want to live in peace and harmony with all our brothers and sisters in Malaysia. We have proven it by the results of the just concluded general election.

Transparency,Accountability, Good Governance, Fairness and Equality is what we the rakyat demand. Nothing more,nothing less. If DAP/PKR/PAS are able to deliver, so be it. On the other hand if BN are of the impression that they too are able to deliver, the onus is on them to prove it. BN still holds a simple majority in Parliament. They are still in the position to prove that they are able to deliver what the rakyat demands.

However their leaders need to take responsibility in ensuring that race and religion is an issue which cannot and must not be used to further their ambitions. WE the rakyat are of course proud of our ancestry and diversity. It is what makes us as Rakyat Malaysian unique. While we are proud to say that we are Malay, Chinese, Indian,Kadazan, Iban,Dayak and so on we still call ourselves Malaysians. WE the rakyat don't want anybody to be marginalized. All we want is fairness and equality for all.

Thursday, February 21, 2008


Kudos to the people of Pakistan!!! We are seeing and have seen lots of changes around the world. Democracy in the true sense of the word has been proven to be alive and well. It started with Australia where John Howard was replaced. We then saw how Gordon Brown seeing how little support he had declined to call for an election after taking over from Tony Blair. Now the people of Pakistan have spoken loud and clear through the ballot box that Musharaf's days are numbered. In America Barrack Obama is slowly but surely pushing Hilary Clinton aside to be the Democratic representative in the upcoming US Presidential Election. It just goes to show that we the people, the rakyat have the power to determine who our leaders should be. We can do it, we should do it, WE MUST DO IT!!! For the sake of our children and future generations.
Time and time again we learn of the many discrepancies and corruption being practiced by the present government. True we get these news from the internet or alternative news sources. However when it comes with documented proof how can we not believe it's true. Corrupt officials blatantly show off how powerful they are and miss use their authority for their own benefit or for the benefit of their family, friends and cronies. In every corner of the country these 'insects' and 'leeches' are thriving at our expense. Who can we blame but ourselves for our lot in life now.
Publicly as well we see how the police have got their priorities wrong. Being used as an instrument by the powers that be for their own benefit. All this while the crime rate is as high as I've known it to be. It's happening before our very eyes but as individuals we are powerless. Collectively however we can determine our future. A better future not only for ourselves but for our children and grandchildren.
This is the most opportune time for us to make a change. The present government wants a new mandate. They need us to stay in power. Isn't it clear now we determine whether they live or die (politically speaking that is). We whine and complain they aren't doing enough to ensure our future but when it's time to determine who should lead us we still pick the same people over and over again. We the rakyat can blame no one but ourselves.
I for one have confidence in our ability to think as Malaysians. I have confidence that the rakyat now have a mind of their own and are a more enlightened lot thanks to the internet and various alternative news sources. No longer are we mislead by the powers that be akin to being led by a bull from the nose. Let us all act collectively. BERSIH has shown we can do act as one, despite all the roadblocks and water cannons more than 40,000 of us showed up to show the present government we want a change. This number would have swelled to over a 100,000 if not for the brutal attacks of our very own police force.
The time is now. Come March 8th I beg all reasonable and level headed Malaysian to choose wisely and tick the right box.

Friday, February 15, 2008


Returning home has always brought a smile to my face. Due to my nature of work I travel very often from time to time. However this homecoming is rather sweet. To learn that Parliament is dissolved and that the General Elections is just a few weeks away brings a new hope for a new beginning. I had the same feeling 4 years ago, however it's so sad to see how things have deteriorated. Crimes rates are higher than I've ever known it to be, the economy is struggling despite the rosy picture being portrayed and worst of all race relations are at it's lowest ebb.
How things can change in such a short time is bewildering. More so when the change is for the worst and not for the better. Surfing the many blogs, the general feeling is the same. WE WANT CHANGE!!!. I couldn't agree more. Of course I do understand that no one is perfect, however taking into consideration the state of the nation our leaders have taken us nowhere!!! However it is up to us, the rakyat, to determine who represents us for the next term. Currently our leaders don't realize or should I say have forgotten that we are their boss, we are the ones who pay their salaries and they are the ones who should be working for us. Not the other way round. I know I am merely echoing the call for change which is being demanded by concerned and discerning Malaysians.
The need for change is ever more needed here and now. As I have said before, we the public are the BOSS. We determine who will lead us, we are the ones who determines our own future and the future of our children. Vote wisely and vote carefully is all I can say to my fellow citizens.