Saturday, December 26, 2009

Malaysia a.k.a Zimbabwe???

How we shudder to think how low we have become!!!!! Fighter engines lost, National Annual Budget almost thrown out, non attendance during crucial vote by parliamentarians, money siphoned out of the country to personal bank accounts overseas or just for jollies while abroad and so so much more!!!! Indeed Malaysians such as myself are now more matured and more 'connected' via the world wide web. All these improprieties were an open secret before, talked about in coffee shops and social gatherings. (No wonder the authorities have now banned innocent parties at homes and teh tarik sessions at kopitiams or kedai mamaks!!! Lest you run the risk of getting arrested!!!) However with the web we begin to know more and more, slowly but surely the cracks and breaks are beginning to show. There isn't a need now to gather and talk about these improprieties, we have the web, we can talk and discuss it without having the fear of being physically abused (still run the risk of being arrested though but so be it!!!)
The country is spiraling down to depths never before imagined possible. Once we were even called as one of the Asian Tigers but now look at us?? Where are we now?? Leaders now compare us to countries like Vietnam and Cambodia for goodness sakes!!! Thailand, Singapore and Indonesia have progressed by leaps and bounds for example economically. While we in Malaysia sadly lag behind.
Is Malaysia becoming another failed state like Zimbabwe??? Are we going to end up like Nigeria?? Both countries rich with naturally resources however the ruling elite in both countries are robbing it's citizens blindly!!!! Without an iota of guilt leaders in both countries enrich themselves. Are our current leaders doing the same?? As I said it was an open secret before but not anymore, we Malaysians are now screaming and demanding for JUSTICE!!! True we have not come to those dangerous low levels yet but one can clearly see we are heading that way for sure!!! I have seen it with my own eyes, I have experienced it myself being in Nigeria for a couple of months working. I can tell you now my fellow Malaysians we don't ever want to live in such conditions.
Yes, things are still bearable now, we can still eke out a living, support our families and save for the future of our children. However if we continue to turn a blind eye to whats happening to the country presently, continue to say to ourselves 'what can we do?' We only have ourselves to blame if we end up like Zimbabwe or Nigeria or any other failed state in the world today. We must and have to continue to hound our present leaders for accountability and justice. Individually, sure we count for nothing. But collectively we can change, we can make a difference. In the end it's up to us the Citizens of Malaysia (responsible citizens that is) to form our own destiny. Doing something is better than doing nothing.

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Parliamentarians or Just Mere Blood Suckers???

Once again the BN Parliamentarians have shown and exhibited their sheer arrogance, ignorance and contempt to the rakyat who have put them in the August House as their representatives!!!! Let this be a lesson to all Malaysians on who we actually choose to represent us in Parliament. True the opposition attendance was at 78% but this is due to several members being barred from attending. However non of the BN representatives have been barred and still their attendance only stands at 50%. What happened to the other 50% one begins to wonder?? Taking things for granted is the only logical explanation to this fiasco!!! Even Najib himself has to be accounted for this embarrassment. Is it not his budget?? How could he be attending a social dinner when HIS OWN BUDGET IS BEIND DEBATED AND VOTED????? This goes to show that Najib himself is not serious with his own budget!!!! Open your eyes my fellow Malaysians!!! Is it not clear that where these BN representatives stand or what they represent and what they stand for???
On another note, the speaker of the Dewan is supposed to be impartial or non-partisan. To openly come up with a statement that the opposition had behaved in an ungentlemanly manner in trying to beat the bill without the presence of the BN Parliamentarians is uncalled for!!! It is their responsibility to be present on such at important bill to be passed being the budget of the country no less. Again we are confronted and faced with an open fact that the Speaker is indeed biased, he himself should 'cermin diri' before making any statements. Impartiality is PARAMOUNT if one is the Speaker of the Dewan, he holds court to ensure impartiality and fairness among parliamentarians.
It is so unfortunate for us as Malaysians as we can all see that impartiality and fairness is far from present be it within the August House or even the Main Stream Media. Little or nothing has been mentioned on the follies or shortcomings of the Barisan Government, however every little thing regarding the opposition is broadcasted far and wide, and this without the opposition being allowed to defend themselves. How long are we expected to swallow this nonsense as Malaysians on Allah Ta'ala knows!! May Allah save us all!!!!!

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Bahasa Malaysia??? English??? Mandarin???

Is the Prime Minister and Deputy Prime Minister on talking terms???? One says Bahasa Malaysia is supreme while the other says we should diversify and learn Mandarin no less!!! Both are sending confusing signals to the general public with their statements. I might add that these are the top two leaders of our country???? sheesh!!!! Are they not talking to each other??? Shouldn't their statements as the top two people in Malaysia be at least along the same lines or school of thought??? The Prime Minister is advocating that we should learn Mandarin to better understand the diversity of our own country, crowing about Malaysia having the most Chinese Independent Schools outside China. While on the other hand we have our Deputy Prime Minister who also happens to be the Education Minister saying that Bahasa Malaysia is supreme!!!!
Lets first talk about the standard of English. The level or standard of English in Malaysia has dropped dramatically, I know this for a fact as I used to monitor junior officers in the navy attending their diploma courses at UTM Skudai, Believe it or not 95% of them couldn't even string a complete sentence in proper English!!! These are the officers who are now in middle management in the Royal Malaysian Navy. Papers which they were required to write were more like gibberish. I used to stay up late helping as many of them as I could with their reports, papers and course work. Most of them have obtained their respective diplomas but I just wonder how they attained their diplomas with such poor standard of English!!! Some may say that I'm only an SPM holder so who am I to comment or even worse condemn diploma holders. Well to each is own and this is just my opinion.
Bahasa Malaysia is indeed important as it reflects our country. We are after all called Malaysians. Having a good command of Bahasa Malaysia is also very important more so now with the current turn of events (ie. an affidavit being thrown out for being in English in one of Anwar Ibrahim's many court cases). Fair play Bahasa Malaysia must and should be given attention in schools but not at the expense of forsaking English or Mandarin or even Tamil for that matter. I am one of those who fully support the teaching of Mathematics and Science in English (pretty obvious now). Maths and Science being taught in is so much easier to understand as the terminologies are precise and to the point. Having the ability to speak,read and write both in Bahasa Malaysia and English is a great advantage. Just ask anyone of many Malaysians working or earning a living overseas (like myself). Some Englishmen even admit that I am able to speak better and proper English compared to themselves. I for one have benefitted both professionally and financially being able to speak and write good English. Why are we denying this to our very own children??? They are the future of this country are they not??? Would we want them to resent us for denying them the ability to speak and write good English, Mandarin or even Tamil just because political pressure, political popularity and political relevance is more important???
In as far as Mandarin is concerned, even the Prime Minister has admitted that his own son is learning Mandarin. His son is learning Mandarin in Georgetown University no less, Georgetown is one of the most prestigious Universities in the United States located in Washington DC. Realizing the the emergence of China as a global economic force it only makes sense for us in Malaysia to consider Mandarin or Tamil/Hindi as a third language. India is not far behind compared to China so is it not prudent to have a second if not a third language as well??? Why oh why aren't our leaders thinking of the future??
One just hopes that the Prime Minister in saying or advocating that Mandarin is important is not just mere talk. Saying it just because he was in the presence of a chinese audience (at the Chong Hwa 95th Anniversary Dinner last night). To both leaders of the country (PM and DPM) do talk to each other and come to an understanding and implement something worthwhile for once. For the sake of our children and for the sake of the future of Malaysia