Sunday, March 6, 2011

When will we ever learn????

I have been back for quite some time now. Happily we as a family have welcomed a new member with the birth of my new born baby daughter Nur Qistina Choo. Suffice to say both my wife and I are so happy with our first daughter after having 2 sons. Busy with cooking, cleaning, washing and all the housework I still keep tabs on the political ongoings in our beloved Malaysia. One would as why?? How come I still have the time and interest. More so to type a few words despite being fully occupied. Any concerned parents should be concerned and interested in the political situation in our beloved Malaysia. In fact it's a must as our children's future depends on what happens now!!!
Yet another by-election is about to take place today. Both in Merlimau and Kerdau. Both of course are considered BN strongholds. Or should I say UMNO strongholds. Yet again we see the ugly side of gutter politics being applied. Yet again we see promises of development and cash being offered to the electorate of both constituents. Yet again we hear, see and witness nothing but slander and put downs by the ruling coalition on all fronts of the Main Stream Media. Nothing is being held back to ensure a massive victory for the UMNO candidate in both states. As a concerned citizen (and I hope there are many like me out there), I shudder to think how low or to what extent BN will go to ensure victory and to stay in power.
It is blatantly obvious the opposition is not given equal airtime or space to express their views. The main stream media has totally shut them out. Any thinking individual should and must ask themselves why is that so!!! More so the electorate in Merlimau and Kerdau. Instead we as Malaysians are still blinded by gifts and promises of development by those who walk the corridors of power. When in fact what is being offered are mere crumbs to what these individuals are raking in day in and day out. Billions are being spent to ensure they remain in power so that they may continue living lifestyles which ordinary Malaysians such as you and me can only dare dream about.
We continue to whinge and whine about the spiraling cost of living, we continue to complain about the value of our shrinking ringgit. We debate and talk about how race relations have deteriorated and yet we standby and just watch not doing anything about it.
When will we ever learn that those in power will only remain in power if we let them. When will we ever learn that those in power depend on US THE RAKYAT to keep them in power. We as Malaysians are peace loving and we don't ever want to resort to violence to achieve what we want as the people. Neither do we want to go the way of Tunisia, Egypt or Libya. I too do not advocate, encourage or support such actions to achieve what we want. However if we THE RAKYAT continue to be blinded and fooled by mere crumbs of development and gifts promised only during by-elections then we deserve who we vote for. Will we ever learn? Will we ever realize that we are being used by those who walk the corridors of power to remain in power? Do we ask serious long term questions of ourselves and what we want before we cast our votes. Do we ever think of the bigger picture for the sake of our children's future?
To the electorate of both Merlimau and Kerdau, I as an individual can only hope and pray that you think twice before casting your vote. Ask yourselves is the playing field fair? Have any of the opposition candidates been offered a fair share of the media to express themselves so that you can fairly evaluate both candidates who you wish to represent you in the state legislature? To the Malaysian public at large I as an individual again can only hope and pray that we ourselves ask these same questions. WHEN WILL WE EVER LEARN!!!!!!