Sunday, July 4, 2010


Desperate situations calls for desperate measures. Well thats more than always the case in most situations. All over in blogsphere cyber battles are being played out almost on a daily basis. Day in and day out BN/UMNO are forced to counter attack with more and more revelations of it's corruption and misdeeds. Nothing is being left unturned by the looks of it from North to South in the Peninsula including Sabah and Sarawak. Cyber citizens of Malaysia are being fed with all sorts of information and it's nothing less than sensational as well. Sadly nothing but good things (and bad things about the opposition) still remains being broadcasted by the Main Stream Media (will they ever wake up one wonders!!!!)
Now we hear and read of about a gag order in Sarawak with regard to Chief Minister Taib Mahmood's business empire overseas. How can one issue such a gag order when everything being which is being informed is backed up with facts??? Again we the Rakyat are treated as if we are idiots or who don't know any better. It's as if we can't formulate our own independent and intelligent opinion of Chief Minister Taib Mahmood. No need for me to even get into the many revelations as we all know of it by now of his families holdings in Canada, Australia and UK. With a monthly salary of RM20K he has amassed millions if not billions which is mind boggling. The current state government of Sarawak has even foolishly ordered Head of Longhouses not to allow opposition parties to campaign in their longhouses, and they brazenly claim in the same breath that they are fair and practice democracy??? Form your own opinion on that my fellow Malaysians!!!
All is not well in Sabah as well. Chief Minister Musa Aman seems to be in hot soup (or should I say boiling soup hehehehe) as well. Linked to several individuals involved in money laundering in the tune of millions!!!! Even more embarrassing is the fact that our own authorities (aware or not) have not caught on. Or is it because they do know but are helpless and unable to take action. It is only with the involvement of the Hong Kong ICAC and the threat of millions or billions being confiscated have our own authorities 'started' taking action. Just to side track a little, my wife was living in Sabah before UMNO got in. Sabahans were treated fairly in fact lavishly with it's rich natural resources. To cut a long story short all Sabahans were enjoying the fruits of its natural resources. Now look at Sabah, despite her rich natural resources she is now one of the poorest states in the Federation!!! Need I say more??? Form your own opinion here again my fellow Malaysians!!!!
Now lets look at the Peninsula as a whole. As I have stated above revelations of corrupt, unfair, racist and down right criminal practices are being revealed on a daily basis. Cabinet Ministers are contradicting each other with their press statements and announcements. Lies beget more lies the old saying goes and this is proof of it. The hot topic of the day is the unwillingness of the MACC to be present in London to take PI Bala's statement. Silly and stupid excuses such as waste of public funds to send investigators to get one person's statement are being used. I would like to ask one simple question, how come it's not a waste of government and or public funds to give an extra RM500K to every BN Assemblyman to take care of his/her constituent?? Shouldn't this extra or in fact RM1.5Million be distributed among all Assemblymen irrespective of which party they belong to??? BN SHOUT AND RAVE THAT THEY ARE THE GOVERNMENT OF THE PEOPLE, BY THE PEOPLE AND FOR THE PEOPLE, DOES THIS REFLECT THAT STATEMENT???? 1Malaysia????? Rakyat First Performance Now??? I don't think so. It's more a case of punishing the rakyat who have voted the opposition by saying 'there you go, vote the opposition, you get nothing'. I say go on then give your BN/UMNO more money, I speak for myself when I say that all that money won't even reach the BN/UMNO constituents!!!! Line your pockets with your ill gotten gains. If you don't pay for your misdeeds now you will pay for it in the here after.
I could go on banging on my laptop keys with more facts to indicate that everything seems to be crumbling around BN/UMNO. They and their cronies are only harping on issues such as racism to protect their ill gotten gains. Scare tactics to protect their sinful and downright criminally gained possessions. 'You Reap What You Sow' I say. The end is nigh!!! The Rakyat has opened their eyes. No amount of spin can avert the impending outcome. Go ahead and even impose Martial Law or cause another May 13 it won't change anything. Allah maha kaya dan Allah juga melihat segala-galanya. Wassallam