Monday, March 9, 2009

Zambry - Grow Up for Goodness Sakes!!!

The political impasse has everyone confused not only in Perak but also the whole country. No one knows who the real Menteri Besar is. Everyone has their own opinion and reasons to back their stand. It is the courts now which has to determine who is the real and official Menteri Besar. It is the courts now which has to decide if His Royal Highness has erred in his decision to elect you Datuk Zambry. Under the constitution even His Royal Highness has to obey the rule of law. By saying this I am in no way disrespecting or dishonouring or disregarding His Royal Highness. In fact I have the highest respect for the royal institution in Malaysia being an ex naval officer who has served King and Country for 16 years of my life.
Your so called statement saying Nizar has no right to meet with His Royal Highness is not only wrong but just shows and indicates how IMMATURE, INSECURE and CHILDISH you are!!!! Every Malaysian has a right to meet with his Royal Highness!!! It is up to His Royal Highness himself to decide if he wishes to grant and audience with Nizar or anyone else for that matter!!! Who the bloody hell are you to say that he has no right????
True you have been conferred the title of Menteri Besar by His Royal Highness. I have my own opinions on that. However the title of Menteri Besar does not give you the right to say that Nizar can't REQUEST an audience!! I repeat REQUEST AN AUDIENCE!!!! You may have a Doctorate and a string of degrees, however your statement is devoid of maturity and understanding of the word REQUEST. I for one can only come to the conclusion that you are afraid and scared if the request is granted. Why are you fearful if you are in the right??? Why be worried if you know and truly believe you are indeed the TRUE MENTERI BESAR OF PERAK???
In my humble opinion a true statesman who is confident of his own position would simply say or state 'Nizar can, if he must request and audience, whether or not it is granted depends on His Royal Highness'. Your statement however just implies how dowright childish you are. Like a little kid who has wrestled away a toy and doesn't want to share!!! So for Fucks Sake GROW UP and be a leader. Grow up and think before you open your mouth. You are a Menteri Besar (or so you think) your responsibility not only lies in governing the state but also includes leading by example. If this is how you act and behave I have nothing but shame and disgust to have a leader such as yourself!!!!!

Saturday, March 7, 2009

Where the buck stops - A. Kugan Torture

As a former Naval Officer in the Royal Malaysian Navy I truly believe that officers are responsible for the actions of their men and or chargers. Mind boggling, shock, unbelievable are just some of the words which come to mind when reading the second autopsy report. How could such a thing happen??? What hypocrites our leaders are more so in the police force. They shout and rave at the atrocities of Abu Ghraib and Guantanamo. Subjecting suspects to torture is inhumane they say. Often just jumping on the bandwagon for publicity, popularity and support. Where are these UMNO/BN Youth Leaders when there is clear evidence that it's happening in our own backyard???? Why aren't they baying for blood???
Suspending and relocating the police personnel involved IS JUST NOT GOOD ENOUGH!!! Heads have to roll for this!! Responsibility lies with the officers not only at the police station but right to the top. To this day no comments have been made or no mention of any further actions taken albeit there have been statements that a decision will be made on the case at the end of the month??? Does it take that long when the evidence is clear and rock solid???
No need to get into details of the torture Kugan must have gone through prior to his death. WE have all read it. All we want to know now is what is going to be done!!! If the police still intend to 'pussyfoot' themselves out of this mess I for one will keep harping on what is to be done. I am nobody but I am a Malaysian Citizen!!! I will never let this lie!!! I will keep on writing till justice is done. I'm sure I won't be alone in voicing my discontent and dissapointment of PDRM. WHAT A SHAMEFULL DAY TO CALL OURSELVES MALAYSIANS!!!!

Friday, March 6, 2009

The new Zimbabwe - Malaysia

If you have never been to Africa don't fret, the climate here is similar to that of most countries in Africa (Zimbabwe and Nigeria). However what brings similarity between Malaysia and Zimbabwe or Nigeria is the political climate!! I have never set foot in Zimbabwe however I was in Nigeria. If we are not careful or continue to allow the current situation in our country to manifest and fester,rest assured WE WILL BECOME ANOTHER FAILED AFRICAN STATE the only difference is that we are in the Far East. Mugabe has successfully run a prosperous country to the ground. From a country who used to export food, Zimbabwe now is forced to import food to support it's own people. Nigeria is the 5th or 6th biggest oil exporter in the world, however one only needs to go down south to Port Harcourt in particular where one can witness how a nation's wealth in terms of natural resources is squandered and only benefit the rich and politically well connected. Even our palm oil industry has Nigeria to thank. The first seeds of our very own 'kelapa sawit' was imported from Nigeria.
Can we not learn from these failed states in order not to let it happen to ourselves?? Or are we just so proud and ignorant to think that we will never end up as such. Complacency is the mother of all failures!!! Our so called leaders continue to haggle and squabble for power when they fail to understand that their existence depends on us the electorate. Day in and day out we read and hear law suits being filed left right and centre. Why is it that no one has heard the pleas and cries of the electorate themselves one wonders??? Each and everyone seems to think they are right and everyone else is wrong.
Is it not the duty and responsibility of an 'ELECTED' Leader to listen to his constituents?? The police, judiciary and MACC seem only too keen to serve one particular party. So obvious and blatant are their actions where investigations and questioning Pakatan Rakyat party officials are swift and carried out without delay. However cases which involve UMNO/BN in particular these same authorities drag their feet. The case of A.Kugan is a perfect and glaring example when even after the damning 2nd autopsy report nothing seems to be getting done. I weep for the family of A.Kugan who only want to see justice done, but alas justice may not prevail. There are of course many other cases to mention but we all know that the end result is the same.
If we THE RAKYAT continue to allow this we only have ourselves to blame and no one else!!!!!