Thursday, February 21, 2008


Kudos to the people of Pakistan!!! We are seeing and have seen lots of changes around the world. Democracy in the true sense of the word has been proven to be alive and well. It started with Australia where John Howard was replaced. We then saw how Gordon Brown seeing how little support he had declined to call for an election after taking over from Tony Blair. Now the people of Pakistan have spoken loud and clear through the ballot box that Musharaf's days are numbered. In America Barrack Obama is slowly but surely pushing Hilary Clinton aside to be the Democratic representative in the upcoming US Presidential Election. It just goes to show that we the people, the rakyat have the power to determine who our leaders should be. We can do it, we should do it, WE MUST DO IT!!! For the sake of our children and future generations.
Time and time again we learn of the many discrepancies and corruption being practiced by the present government. True we get these news from the internet or alternative news sources. However when it comes with documented proof how can we not believe it's true. Corrupt officials blatantly show off how powerful they are and miss use their authority for their own benefit or for the benefit of their family, friends and cronies. In every corner of the country these 'insects' and 'leeches' are thriving at our expense. Who can we blame but ourselves for our lot in life now.
Publicly as well we see how the police have got their priorities wrong. Being used as an instrument by the powers that be for their own benefit. All this while the crime rate is as high as I've known it to be. It's happening before our very eyes but as individuals we are powerless. Collectively however we can determine our future. A better future not only for ourselves but for our children and grandchildren.
This is the most opportune time for us to make a change. The present government wants a new mandate. They need us to stay in power. Isn't it clear now we determine whether they live or die (politically speaking that is). We whine and complain they aren't doing enough to ensure our future but when it's time to determine who should lead us we still pick the same people over and over again. We the rakyat can blame no one but ourselves.
I for one have confidence in our ability to think as Malaysians. I have confidence that the rakyat now have a mind of their own and are a more enlightened lot thanks to the internet and various alternative news sources. No longer are we mislead by the powers that be akin to being led by a bull from the nose. Let us all act collectively. BERSIH has shown we can do act as one, despite all the roadblocks and water cannons more than 40,000 of us showed up to show the present government we want a change. This number would have swelled to over a 100,000 if not for the brutal attacks of our very own police force.
The time is now. Come March 8th I beg all reasonable and level headed Malaysian to choose wisely and tick the right box.

Friday, February 15, 2008


Returning home has always brought a smile to my face. Due to my nature of work I travel very often from time to time. However this homecoming is rather sweet. To learn that Parliament is dissolved and that the General Elections is just a few weeks away brings a new hope for a new beginning. I had the same feeling 4 years ago, however it's so sad to see how things have deteriorated. Crimes rates are higher than I've ever known it to be, the economy is struggling despite the rosy picture being portrayed and worst of all race relations are at it's lowest ebb.
How things can change in such a short time is bewildering. More so when the change is for the worst and not for the better. Surfing the many blogs, the general feeling is the same. WE WANT CHANGE!!!. I couldn't agree more. Of course I do understand that no one is perfect, however taking into consideration the state of the nation our leaders have taken us nowhere!!! However it is up to us, the rakyat, to determine who represents us for the next term. Currently our leaders don't realize or should I say have forgotten that we are their boss, we are the ones who pay their salaries and they are the ones who should be working for us. Not the other way round. I know I am merely echoing the call for change which is being demanded by concerned and discerning Malaysians.
The need for change is ever more needed here and now. As I have said before, we the public are the BOSS. We determine who will lead us, we are the ones who determines our own future and the future of our children. Vote wisely and vote carefully is all I can say to my fellow citizens.