Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Closet Racist

I am so touched and angry after reading what RPK has written in his latest posting. I face these same Malaysians day in and day out. Yes, CLOSET RACISTS!!! They are the ones who shout and scream when things don't go their way or decisions are made against them. All the time using race and or religion as their basis of argument. I myself am a chinese muslim. I converted 15 years ago and consequently married my wife 14 years ago. I converted on my own free will with not much objection from my family, although my late father was a little disappointed in me. I had to prove to him most of all that I converted not only to get married but it was what I wanted to do and it was because I wanted to live the rest of my life the muslim way. I achieved what I set out to do through the way I lived my life. Never did I disrespected my father in any way till his last breath. I still dream of him smiling at me which to me is a sign.
As for these closet racists shouting and screaming when things don't go their way all I can say is grow up!!! It's people like RPK who truly want to see 1 Malaysia where race and religion is not a factor. I have served my country in the navy for 16 years of my life as an officer, never have I favoured anyone based on race but on merit. I had to leave as I was being personally persecuted by senior officers who didn't like me for firstly being Chinese (although a muslim) and because I was doing my job well. Mind you the the decision to leave was of my own free will, no one forced me to do it. I decided to do it myself and Alhamdullilah I am better for it. Working now in a foreign land with a foreign company run by foreigners. My work is appreciated and I am paid very well.
We Malaysians are at an important cross road. The road we take as a nation will determine where we will be in the next couple of years. Think and decide what we want for our children. I for one don't want my kids to face or go through what I myself went through. We have to decide, not PM,DPM or any ministers. We are their boss, they exist only because we put them there. Wake up Malaysia!!! Time to make a decision and be brave enough to stand by it. END TO RACISM IN MALAYSIA!!!! I make this call to all TRUE MALAYSIANS!!!!!