Sunday, May 23, 2010

Bankrupt??? Surprise Surprise!!!

It seems nothing has changed since I've been home the last two weeks. I resisted the urge to write or spill my guts as soon as I returned home. Just feeling I had to be impartial and fair to first see what is actually going on in my beloved Malaysia before I say start banging on the keys spilling my guts. As sick as I feel on how things are getting worse and worse in my homeland, I still thank Allah for giving me and my family what we now have. I honestly have to admit I am one of the lucky ones. However I still feel the need to note and express the way I feel toward the governance of our country.
Idris Jala is a well known corporate figure. His exploits and success not only involves Shell and MAS, but also he once held the helm in Malay Mail. He has done wonders turning around MAS especially when MAS was in the RED. What he did, he did with passion, professionalism and courage. There are many like him around, sadly they are either sidelined or just waiting for a good time to leave/migrate. Thus the continuing brain drain of true professionals which we suffer to lose day by day. How can one fault them for wanting to leave?? Anyway, thats another topic for tomorrow maybe ;-) He has just painted a future for Malaysia which is both realistic and shocking. He has really and truly opened the eyes of all Malaysians no matter where they sit on the political divide. True to his impartial and professional outlook on how bad things will get if we don't 'fix' the problem NOW!!! Bankrupt?? Yes I believe Idris Jala!!! I believe his predictions which are based on facts and figures. I don't hold any diploma or degree in economics or business but it's pretty clear we are headed down a slippery slope which if we don't address will only make matters worse. It's so silly to see how our PM with pomp and pageantry announcing how he snared or roped in a professional to make things right only to distance himself when the outlook based on facts and figures do not show him in a good light. In fact it not only seems silly but STUPID!!!! As usual we now see counter figures and statements from the ruling coalition and from Najib himself trying to calm things by saying and stating things are not that bad. Sorry Mr Prime Minister cum Finance Minister, damage is done, milk has been spilled, nasi dah jadi bubur. No amount of spins will be able to pull yourself out of this quandary. You have signed and sealed your fate, even approval ratings announced in the Main Stream Media will not save you now.
Now that in a nutshell is where we are heading - Bankruptcy!!!!! Another issue which I am called to address would be this betting issue claimed and counter claimed, issued or not issued to Vincent Tan and Ascot Sports. Lets not start with what impact legalizing betting will do to the country at a micro or macro level. I demand to know as a citizen of Malaysia has the license been issued???? Two ministries and very senior ministers are contradicting themselves in public I might add!!!! One says issued the other says not issued. One says approved the other says still waiting on feedback from the public??? Which is which now??? NEVER EXPECTED SUCH A BACKLASH FROM THE PUBLIC is the real issue here my fellow Malaysians. Such blowback is indeed a shock to the system. Now the Securities Commission is getting involved and rightly so, announcements made more just to drive share prices up or down is against the law. What Vincent has done has effected the share price of Berjaya and many have burned. To all like minded Malaysians - Lets just sit back and enjoy the spins, twist and turns of this particular saga. I'm truly wondering how the ruling coalition will try to worm their way out of this and still come out trying to smell like roses.
Congratulations Dato' Kong Cho Ha on your new appointment as Transport Minister. However my wishes end there!!!! How can you as a Transport Minister announce to all and sundry that there will no longer be anymore inquires on the PKFZ Scandal???? You mean to say thats that???? No one to pay for all the losses incurred??? Haiyo Dato' rakyat's money you know!!! I know la not your's but still you represent us la!!!! You want to betray your loyal supporters in Sitiawan/Kampong Koh and Kampong Cina???? Yes, Dato' thats where I live and I am one of the voters from Sitiawan!!!! You are truly LAU SAI if no one pays or spends time behind bars for the PKFZ Fiasco. You as a person may not be affected now but I can truly tell you now if you continue on this course your days as Transport Minister are truly numbered. Voices of discontent are getting louder and louder by the day Mr Minister, it will be a crescendo toward a banging and deafening thunder come GE13 when you try again to retain your parliamentary seat. Its still not too late to back track Mr Minister, there is still time for you to redeem yourself. Time for you to bring to book personalities who were involved in that fiasco. Unless of course you were also in cahoots with them?? Maybe??? If so then, there is nothing more I can say.
Just 3 short paragraphs indicating the state of the country at the moment. Let us all look and truly understand how bad things are getting in our beloved Malaysia. Again we need to understand we are the bosses, we put these individuals where they are as Ministers and Parliamentarians in the August House. However if they continue with impunity then it's time for a change time to set things right, not only for us but also for our children and children's children. So let us all think and ponder.