Sunday, August 29, 2010

YB Ibrahim Ali, You and PERKASA ARE RACIST!!!

YB Ibrahim Ali, respectfully I would like to indicate to you that you and your organization PERKASA are indeed RACIST. I do not wish to write an article which degrades me to your level of intelligence. Neither do I want to degrade myself by insulting you and calling you names. I am a Chinese Mulism who has embraced Islam for the love of the religion and the Islamic way of life. One only has to see what your reactions are toward Mr Wee Meng Chee and Pn Siti Inshah. If Mr Wee as you say is racist with his production of his music video what have you said of Pn Siti Inshah and her insults toward students in her school as a Principal? Who is she to say that the Chinese and Indians students can go back to China or India? Are they not Malaysian Citizens born in Malaysia?? Mr Wee may have been crude in his representation of his feelings but what of Pn Siti Inshah and her public insults to the children of Malaysian Citizens?? No police reports against her?No disciplinary actions against her?? I of course do not condone or accept what Mr Wee has produced but to each is own and if he wishes to express himself in a vulgar and crude manner it is up to him. Furthermore I see no racist remarks in his video (albeit I don't agree with his vulgarity). Being a school principal (guru besar) is Pn Siti Inshah not expected to lead by example to her fellow teachers? What message is she sending?
All I ask is that you pause and think for a moment what you are saying as a YB, an elected member of parliament. Should not all Malaysians be subject to the rule of law irrespective of race, religion,colour and or creed?? Why have you fallen silent on the matter of Pn Siti Inshah but have gone guns blazing on Mr Wee?? As for the YB of Serdang Miss Teo Nie Ching how is it wrong for her to enter a surau? Please enlighten me in which chapter of or which surah in the Holy Quran which indicates it is sinful or wrong for a non muslim to enter a surau or masjid. What proof or evidence have you to say that she delivered a tazkirah?? Here again you and your organization has gone ballistic. Need I quote more incidences to prove that you and the rest of PERKASA are indeed RACIST?? Respect can only be gained or obtained when it is first given. I rest my case.