Sunday, March 6, 2011

When will we ever learn????

I have been back for quite some time now. Happily we as a family have welcomed a new member with the birth of my new born baby daughter Nur Qistina Choo. Suffice to say both my wife and I are so happy with our first daughter after having 2 sons. Busy with cooking, cleaning, washing and all the housework I still keep tabs on the political ongoings in our beloved Malaysia. One would as why?? How come I still have the time and interest. More so to type a few words despite being fully occupied. Any concerned parents should be concerned and interested in the political situation in our beloved Malaysia. In fact it's a must as our children's future depends on what happens now!!!
Yet another by-election is about to take place today. Both in Merlimau and Kerdau. Both of course are considered BN strongholds. Or should I say UMNO strongholds. Yet again we see the ugly side of gutter politics being applied. Yet again we see promises of development and cash being offered to the electorate of both constituents. Yet again we hear, see and witness nothing but slander and put downs by the ruling coalition on all fronts of the Main Stream Media. Nothing is being held back to ensure a massive victory for the UMNO candidate in both states. As a concerned citizen (and I hope there are many like me out there), I shudder to think how low or to what extent BN will go to ensure victory and to stay in power.
It is blatantly obvious the opposition is not given equal airtime or space to express their views. The main stream media has totally shut them out. Any thinking individual should and must ask themselves why is that so!!! More so the electorate in Merlimau and Kerdau. Instead we as Malaysians are still blinded by gifts and promises of development by those who walk the corridors of power. When in fact what is being offered are mere crumbs to what these individuals are raking in day in and day out. Billions are being spent to ensure they remain in power so that they may continue living lifestyles which ordinary Malaysians such as you and me can only dare dream about.
We continue to whinge and whine about the spiraling cost of living, we continue to complain about the value of our shrinking ringgit. We debate and talk about how race relations have deteriorated and yet we standby and just watch not doing anything about it.
When will we ever learn that those in power will only remain in power if we let them. When will we ever learn that those in power depend on US THE RAKYAT to keep them in power. We as Malaysians are peace loving and we don't ever want to resort to violence to achieve what we want as the people. Neither do we want to go the way of Tunisia, Egypt or Libya. I too do not advocate, encourage or support such actions to achieve what we want. However if we THE RAKYAT continue to be blinded and fooled by mere crumbs of development and gifts promised only during by-elections then we deserve who we vote for. Will we ever learn? Will we ever realize that we are being used by those who walk the corridors of power to remain in power? Do we ask serious long term questions of ourselves and what we want before we cast our votes. Do we ever think of the bigger picture for the sake of our children's future?
To the electorate of both Merlimau and Kerdau, I as an individual can only hope and pray that you think twice before casting your vote. Ask yourselves is the playing field fair? Have any of the opposition candidates been offered a fair share of the media to express themselves so that you can fairly evaluate both candidates who you wish to represent you in the state legislature? To the Malaysian public at large I as an individual again can only hope and pray that we ourselves ask these same questions. WHEN WILL WE EVER LEARN!!!!!!

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Alternate Government - Is there a viable option???

                Ever since the last 2 by-elections there has been a string of controversies which have plagued the opposition. The main stream media has been splashing reports all over the news be it via television broadcast and print media. Day in and day out we see nothing but negative reports being broadcasted. The opposition themselves especially PKR are not doing their cause any good as well with the ongoing confusion following their historical one member one vote party elections.
                 One thing comes to mind though, is it a concerted effort by the current ruling government to ruin the opposition?? Everyone knows they have the ability and the resources to do just that. Be it cash and the main stream media. This doesn't help the man on the street though. Every self respecting and thinking Malaysian will be in limbo due to the current situation and atmosphere. On one hand we have the current ruling government who controls almost everything.  The main reason being all that is being reported and broadcasted is one sided. There is no opportunity for the parties on the opposite side of the political divide to have their say. It is so blatantly obvious that the ruling government edits and controls what is reported and what is not. How are we as thinking and matured citizens going to make a decision and decide which side of the political divide to support??
                   On the other hand we have the opposition who have nothing but the internet to voice and state their views and tell their side of the situation. For the citizens who are connected to the internet at the very least there is an opportunity to judge for themselves. However what about other citizens who do not have internet access?? How can these people make an educated and fair assessment of parties on both sides of the political divide without first having a fair and unequivocal access to all information??
                   With all the problems cropping up in PKR once again the citizens of Malaysia are faced with a major predicament. There is no longer any trust remaining toward the ruling government of the day (as far as I'm concerned at least). Who is to say all the brouhaha befalling PKR is not the work and effort of BN/UMNO??? Everybody knows they are more than capable and have the un-limited resources to create havoc for any opposition. How can we trust what the ruling government states or says?? The amount of cases which involves mis-appropriation of public funds is mind boggling to say the least. It is after all an open secret is it not??? So we as the citizens of Malaysia wishing, wanting in fact begging for change are left with a question mark. Who can we trust?? Is there really a viable option for us citizens of Malaysia????

Friday, November 12, 2010

Chinese and Indians not Patriotic Enough????

                     I was so shocked and horrified initially when I read about Zahid Hamidi stating in parliament no less that Chinese and Indians are not (albeit stating maybe) patriotic enough to join the Armed Forces!! So I waited and hoped that it was just rumours being spread which were baseless. However TV3 News even broadcasted his face spewing those words!!! How disgustingly smug and pompous of him to make such statements. Has he even spent a day serving in the Armed Forces??? Has he ever laid his life on the line for the man or comrade fighting side by side in the line of fire be it on land, sea and air?? Lets not even talk about being in the line of fire, has he spent a day patrolling our nations borders in the heat and rain of our rainforest??? Can he honestly say he has the ability to be away from his family for days or weeks on end at sea in a warship?? Damn you Zahid for uttering such words, I have no respect what so ever for people much less so called leaders like you and your ilk.
                   I spent 16 years of my life in the Royal Malaysian Navy serving my country doing my utmost best in every endeavour or challenge put to me. I left and resigned my commission only because I felt I could do no more and I was personally persecuted for trying my best to what is right for the men who served with me with loyalty and honesty.  I resigned my commission with such a heavy heart that only me alone only knew. For you to say that Indians and Chinese citizens of Malaysia are not patriotic enough to want to enlist is utterly disgusting. There are many more serving line officers and men in the Armed Forces who are non-malay still serving with true dedication. Believe you me Zahid they are constantly fighting an uphill battle trying to do what's best not only for the country but for the Armed Forces. How dare you even think of suggesting that they or those who have not enlisted are probably less patriotic.
                    I have commented on articles on some webpages and have stated how I feel. Here now I repeat that a mere explanation will do nothing to redeem yourself. A public apology is what is required from you Zahid. An apology to those who have served and are still serving to the best of their ability in the Armed Forces as a whole. What you have said and done is not only disappointing but also outright slanderous. You are the Defence Minister, you represent ALL serving line officers and men who serve and have served in the Armed Forces. I am truly ashamed to have someone like you to represent me. There are many more like me out there, this I believe. You may have the main stream media on your side but trust me until you publicly apologise you have weakened BN/UMNO!!!!

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Education is key!!!!

        The message is loud and clear, Malaysians are now screaming at the top of their voices albeit via the alternative media. How else can they voice their displeasure when the Main Stream Media seems only content on airing, printing and broadcasting so called positive views of the rakyat. One can only assume that the editors and producers go through so much editing to ensure only 'good' views are aired, printed and broadcasted. Whilst the majority of the rakyat continues to simmer in anger and dissatisfaction.
         The main point of anger and dissatisfaction seems to be the 100 floor Warisan Merdeka. Heck there is even a facebook page opened by dissatisfied citizens. Members of this page seem to be growing day by day. Everyone seems to want to put their two cents in, and rightly so!!! Why not?? Aren't they citizens of Malaysia?? Is it not their money which will eventually be used to finance yet another white elephant?? There are other mega projects which are not only pointless but just simply a waste of money!!! Building infrastructure is good, I for one am not denying that. Should it not however be complemented with building or shoring up human capital? Which is why education is key.
           There is no one way every single citizen of Malaysia will be happy with a proposed national budget. Everybody will have their own views, however, no one more so parents of young children such as myself will disagree if more money is poured into the education system. Improving the education system must go hand in hand with building infrastructure. What's the point of having massive and impressive buildings when our children or future generations will end up as cleaners of these mega structures. Apart from the conventional education system the government should also look into other forms of education like retraining youths who didn't do well in their formal education. They may have skills in other fields. Thus making sure they are left behind and get involved in unhealthy activities.
                There are such institutes like these in existence such as Giat Mara and so on but not enough support or emphasis is given to institutes like these. Everything needs money these days. Even more so to get a good education. We as parents slog all our lives to ensure that our children have a better future. To pay for their education to ensure they live a better life. Is it not a good education which will ensure that Malaysia will be a high income nation? Only through education which will ensure that our future generations will be competitive in the ever expanding globalized economy. How can we compete with our South East Asian neighbours if the education system is not improved or looked after??? One of the few important factors to draw foreign investors and conglomerates is the ability, capability and professionalism of our citizens. Is it too late for the government of the day to rethink? Maybe it is. If it is indeed too late then it's time for us as citizens to also think not only for ourselves but also for our future generations.

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Education Ministry Needs to Make Up their Minds!!!!!

          I just can't understand our government. First they say we must place due diligence to Bahasa Malaysia. Hence the decision to abolish teaching Science and Mathematics in English. Now they want to bring in over 300 teachers from god knows where to improve the teaching standard of English in the country. Just imagine how much that is going to cost!!!! Sure some of us might say it's money well spent. After all didn't we (or should I say only some of us!!) wanted the status quo to remain teaching Science and Maths in English. Then again what's the point in bringing all these expats and paying huge amounts of money when the same amount of money can be spent better by training our own teachers. Maybe spend a little bringing in say 10 or 20 to train our teachers but to bring in over 300????
         Doesn't the government calculate that these over 300 teachers are going to cost?? Again we the rakyat are left in the dark. How much are these expats going to be paid? They are definitely going to be paid allowances apart from their monthly salary! They are definitely going to have houses!! They are definitely going to get cars!! All paid for by us the rakyat!!!! And for how long are we the rakyat going to pay for all these over 300 expats teachers?? 1 year? 2 years?? maybe 5 years?? Well anyone who is from the teaching profession will tell you that the benefit or return of investment for bringing in these expats can and only be seen after at least 3 - 5 years. Here again we bear the cost of what seems to be an idea which has not been thought through.
                Isn't it more frugal and economical to train our own teachers?? After all we are now even making sure only Diploma or even Degree Holders can be teachers. I'm sure these Diploma or Degree Holders are intelligent enough to be trained locally (or maybe not due to our standard of local universities!!!).  After all one seems to recall the Prime Minister stressing that 'Rakyat Diutamakan'!!!! Already we are debt ridden and spending on mega projects which bring little or no benefit for our children and future generations. What's the point of having big tall buildings when our children are left behind in terms of education??? Isn't education one of the foundation for a better future??

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Remain Calm & Focused Fellow Malaysians

             It has finally begun!! Despite his many speeches calling for the end of extremism our un-elected Prime Minister has finally shot his mouth off. Probably out of fear, probably out of desperation. Nothing has gone right for him since day one. Even his Deputy openly albeit not directly opposes his grand plans of 1Malaysia. His so called mentor Tun Mahathir Mohammad going as far as saying democracy will not work for Malaysia. Instead using China as an example or model with which Malaysia should adopt. Is this another Look East Policy in the making (before being Japan). What most likely was the final straw for most of us Malaysians was the proposed 100 storey sky scrapper Warisan Merdeka. The astonishing announcement came as a shock for so many, citing PNB was the body that proposed it doesn't abscond responsibility. Being the Finance Minister shouldn't he be wise enough to see that this proposed building does no good to the Rakyat? As the Finance Minister can he not say NO to this nonsensical idea?? Echoing the many views which has and will continue to be voiced I too can think of so many other ways to spend 5 billion ringgit to benefit the rakyat as a whole.
                Even on Facebook there are more than 100,000 (and counting I'm sure) who have registered not only their disapproval but their disgust on the proposal for another high rise cum sky scrapper which in time most probably will be the new office for Petronas!!!! However at this point in time it is the clarion call of the Prime Minister during his own party assembly which has caught the rakyat by surprise. To defend Putrajaya even if it means losing lives or shedding blood was what he professed. If this is not a veiled threat to the rakyat I don't know what is??? Maybe I'm just a simpleton who doesn't understand the language of politics but then again is it necessary to utter such words?? Bearing in mind he is a Prime Minister not only to UMNO members but Prime Minister to all Malaysians. Is it not we the rakyat who determines who holds the key to Putrajaya?
                 Despite these apparent threats I would like to beg for all True Malaysians to remain calm. Stay focussed and not be lulled or tricked into losing our senses or even worse our tempers. I must stress here again it is only the desperate who will and continue to use the threat of violence to maintain power. Trust me when I say there will be more fiery taunting and threats which will be made to create an atmosphere of fear. Giving in to these threats is what they want. In fact an atmosphere of civil chaos now seems to be the only way for UMNO/BN to remain in Putrajaya. None of them in Putrajaya holds the key to government. It is us the rakyat who wields the power to determine who remains and who goes. Keep going out and getting other fellow true Malaysians to register if you have not done it yourself. Keep abreast with what is happening around us. Don't only depend on both the main stream media or the alternative media for the current situation. We need to educate ourselves even more of our rights as citizens of Malaysia. Right now RPK is publishing history lessons for us. It is important for us to learn the truth and not the truth according to UMNO/BN. We as true Malaysians have come so far since the 12th General Elections. The momentum is still there, the winds of change is still blowing briskly. We as true Malaysians not only want a breath of fresh air in Putrajaya but we NEED IT!! So remain calm stay focused and stay the course. Always remember fellow brother and sisters of Malaysia we the Rakyat are in charge.

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

End Race Debates YB Muhyiddin???

First and foremost who has been beating the drums of racial disharmony??? Who is it that has been shouting at the top of their voices in championing Malay rights???? Who is it that has been going round prosecuting, questioning, threatening in fact insulting other races in Malaysia??? With all due respect Mr Deputy Prime Minister might I humbly ask that you ask yourself these questions first and answer these very questions honestly first before asking or demanding others to end race debates. We Malaysians are not stupid or dumb as you presume us to be Mr Deputy Prime Minister. No longer are hoodwinked by you and your lot twisting the facts and using the main stream media to broadcast to all asunder what you presume to be Malaysians questioning Article 153 of the Federal Constitution. Notice dear Deputy Prime Minister I use the term 'MALAYSIANS' in referring to my fellow respected citizens. Never will I categorize or distinguish my fellow Malaysians according to race and religion as I believe we are all equal under the Malaysian sun.
The injustices and malpractices of the authorities of your government is there for all to see in broad daylight. The list is far too long to even list down. Statements made be it in public or private has damaged the once unity and harmony which we Malaysians have shared and cherished for at least 3 generations. Might I even add that these venomous statements were made by officials, senior civil servants even parliamentarians in the August House. Selective prosecution seems to be the order of the day. While newspapers with individuals who rant and rave about Malay Supremacy are left seemingly untouched, others who only seek equality and fairplay are prosecuted and hounded. Don't you think we the Rakyat see this?? Don't you think we the Rakyat observe the difference??
Need I remind you, your position as Deputy Prime Minister is a result of Malaysians who voted for you. You are where you are now in the exalted position of Deputy Prime Minister due to the voting public of all Malaysians and not just exclusively and purely from Malay votes!! Does this not mean you are the Deputy Prime Minister for all Malaysians?? Which now brings me to your statement of asking or should I say demanding and calling for the end of race debates. May I humbly ask for you to look unto yourself first and foremost and then those to whom you represent in your party to stop making abusive and caustic statements be it via the print or other form of media which we all as Malaysian know is under your and your party's control. What better time for you to redeem yourself in the eyes of the public to be fair and just by telling not only yourself but your party members during your on going party general assembly to do what is right. At the very least try and gain some form of respectability through your actions rather than through your 'position' or 'status'. I am nothing to you that I realize and understand for I am only 1 vote, non the less it is 1 vote less for you and your BN Government if you persist in claiming Malaysians are questioning Article 153 of the Federal Constitution which we clearly are not!! As a voting citizen of my beloved Malaysia I can only ask for my elected leaders to be a leader for all Malaysians and not just a selected few. Is that asking too much????