Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Allah or God works in mysterious ways

Allah or God depending on your religion and to whom you pray works in mysterious ways. I join the chorus of rakyat who are conveying their condolences to the immediate family members of the MP of Bukit Gantang YB Hj Roslan Shaharum. Semoga Allah mencucuri Rahmat ke atas roh Allahyarham.
BN/UMNO must be rueing their bad luck (karma maybe????), after dodging the bullet of a possible state wide election now they are now faced with a by-election in Perak. Everybody says its a referendum of the legitimacy of the BN government in Perak (well at least in blogsphere almost 99% seem to think so). I am one of that 99% I must say so myself. To a certain extent it will prove to be a back breaker to both BN/UMNO and PR. In other words the electorate in Bukit Gantang now holds the key to the State Government of Perak. The result may not change or alter the balance or shift the balance of power in the Perak State Government,however the result will certainly prove once and for all which party the rakyat really wants!!!! and trusts!!!!
Already calls are being made that Nizar and Zambry contest the seat in Bukit Gantang, indeed if Nizar does accept the challenge (which I think he will) Zambry on the other hands has all to gain and everything to lose. Will he risk putting his reputation at risk??? After all he only won his seat in Pangkor with a minimal 15 vote majority!!!! And that is where he was born and raised I might add. Being a educated man my guess is he will definitely not risk it. After all he already is the MB Of Perak. He will definitely not risk putting his reputation at the hands of the rakyat. Esspecially now when the tide is so against him (although the Main Stream Media seems to think and convey otherwise). Doesn't Allah or God work in mysterious ways??? :-)
The whole country isn't happy with what has happened in Perak. Quite a huge percentage does seem to think that Nizar is wrong to defy His Royal Highness but in his defiance the same huge percentage also doesn't agree to what His Royal Highness has decided. Whether or not it was within His Majesty's right to rule as such according to the letter of the law it is now evident that THE RAKYAT would have wanted the decision to be put in their hands. Aren't we living in a democratic country????
Now Perak is faced with a by-election which NO ONE CAN DODGE. The Election Commision does not have any choice what so ever but to hold elections within 60 days. As previously mentioned this by-election can be a back breaker to both BN/UMNO and PR. Who has more to lose?? Even the Royal Palace will definitely be keen to know if what has been decided was indeed for the good and welfare of the people of Perak. Now it is in the hands of the Rakyat, so much is at stake. For BN losing Bukit Gantang will be a slap in the face delivered at the hands of the rakyat. For PR losing will only mean that they have to buck up and forget about using the party hopping strategy. The right to rule does not belong to any one party. The right to determine who governs belongs to the people. We the rakyat decides not Najib, Anwar or any other politician.

Monday, February 9, 2009


“If you see the illegal government coming, I order you as deputy Youth chief to do what is necessary,” he said.

Later, when pressed on what is “necessary” by reporters, Khairy said that as the Ipoh police chief had assured him that they would not allow the PR men to enter the premises, Umno Youth would stand down.

“I hold him to his promise. But if they are not able to deliver, then I cannot guarantee their actions due to their anger,” he said.

Statement from a youth leader?????

How can a youth leader said to be well educated issue such a statement??? Is this how a good leader leads his followers??? Well, in Bolehland I guess thats the standard of leaders that we have. How sad and disappointing. Shouldn't he instead be ensuring that his followers or members abstain from causing trouble and abiding by the law??? Instead we the peace loving members of the public are once again faced with the prospect of violence.

Sure he has the right to voice his opinions on the current standoff in Perak but to incite and order his followers to do what obviously is against the law cannot and should not be tolerated!!!! How can BN say or preach to the public that they are willing to change when statements like these are issued in public??? It is as if his youth wing is above the law and can do anything they like if they feel the police do not what they want or wish for. Where is his integrity??? Where is his sense of responsibility????

One can only say that yet again the integrity of the police will be put to the test. If they the police do practice double standards it will be there for all to see. We the peace loving rakyat in Malaysia are time and again fed with 'bullshit' from many leaders of the ruling government that no one is above the law. However saying and doing are two different things.

Political mileage is the only thing that comes to mind as we witness the non stop flow of statements of anger and hate being poured out by our 'so called leaders'. Jumping on the 'Derhaka kepada Raja Bandwagon' seems to be the current way to get oneself in the limelight.

If this is not considered CRIMINAL INCITEMENT FOR VIOLENCE then we the Rakyat of Malaysia do live in a police state!!!!

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Fresh Elections, Make it so PR!!!!

Mulling and thinking about it won't change matters at hand. Swift and positive actions makes all the difference!!!! The past 10 months have shown that PR have been running the Perak State Government with dignity and honesty. Sure hiccups and problems have cropped up but that it inherent in any organisation. So long as these problems are sorted out amicably which I truly beleive have been anyway. 10 months is too short a duration to gauge the performance of the PR coalation. Hell we gave BN 50 years and look where we are now???? What is a mere 10 months compared to 50 years???
The only way to sort out the current problem is to dissolve the State Legislature and seek a new mandate from the Rakyat. Once and for all THE RAKYAT DECIDES!!!! Not political parties and certainly not individual politicians either from PR or BN. Time and again I for one have always insisted that we select our representitives and their existence is purely in the hands of THE RAKYAT who elected them not vice versa!!!! That is TRUE DEMOCRACY, however this is not what we are witnessing now.
We, the rakyat insist and demand fairness and equality from our elected representitives. These elected representitives need to get their priorities right. The country is faced with an economic crisis which will noly get worse in time to come. However what we see and read in any media now is personal battles being fought among individuals and political parties. Meanwhile Joe Blog on the street is wondering where the next pay check is coming from. All over the country the rakyat is facing retrenchments and loss of income. Yet nothing is done to aliviate these problems. Sure, announcements have been made about stimulus packages but where is it being channeled to one wonders??? Has the government detailed how it is being spent or who benefits from these stimulus packages?? Is it not the government's responsibility to detail how THE RAKYAT'S MONEY IS BEING SPENT?????
Back to the topic at hand, this fiasco needs to be nipped in the bud and sorted out IMMIDEATLY!!! Disolve the State Legislature and let us THE RAKYAT decide who we want to represent us!!! The current economic crisis needs to be tackled immediately. I am sure I speak for many Perakians and Malaysians in saying that all we want is our future and our childrens future to be secure. However in current circumstances where we see is nothing but power hungry politicians jostling for positions of power with little regard for THE RAKYAT who put them there anyway!!!
I personally urge Yang Berhormat Menteri Besar Perak to seek an audience with His Royal Highness Sultan of Perak to obtain his blessings for the dissolution of the Perak State Legislature paving the way for a State wide election. Only then can our elected representitives tackle the problems at hand.

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Greed,Selfishness & Self Preservation

The drama continues in Perak with the announcement by the Election Commission that there will be no by-election for Behrang and Changkat Jering. One can only watch in disbelief with what is happening and going 0n Perak. Again at the centre of this whole fiasco are the two Assemblymen from Behrang and Changkat Jering. Much hinges on what they decide to do in the next few days. Lets consider the consequences of their impending actions:

a. Both decide to quit PKR - Automatically both are considered independents belonging to no political party.This does no good to BN/UMNO/Najib as it will give the opportunity for MB of Perak to dissolve the State Assembly and call for a snap election at state level. Remember MB of Perak has already been given consent and blessings by His Royal Highness Sultan of Perak for by-elections to be conducted if required. There is nothing stopping MB of Perak to ask for the dissolution of the State Assembly for a new mandate from the Rakyat.

b. Both decide to join UMNO - Their credibility which is now in question will be cemented and confirmed. Both can kiss their chance of being re-elected in the same constituents goodbye any chances of redemption will be all but gone as THE RAKYAT WILL ALWAYS REMEMBER!!!!! Furthermore both will be watched like a hawk and if their charges of corruption suddenly dissapears or court dates keep being postponed it will be confirmed to all and sundry that a deal was made and both succumed to greed,selfishness and self preservation. Here again this will be detrimental to UMNO/BN's reputation and will further alienate the electorate which it hopes to win back. Here again this option if taken gives MB of Perak the opportunity to request an audience with His Royal Highness Sultan of Perak requesting his blessings for the dissolution of the State Assembly.

c. Both stay with PKR - Damage has already been done, no point crying over spilt milk. Wether or not they were offered or enticed by UMNO/BN/Najib, both can still salvage some pride and honour by doing the right thing and serve respective constituents as best they can. No one is perfect, we all make mistakes. They can put this behind and look ahead to serve their contituents as best they can. Gaining back the trust lost among Pakatan Comarades and The Rakyat will be a challenge but with honesty,hardwork and sincererity all will be fine.

These are 3 possible scenarios which I can think of. I am sure there are and could be more, however all 3 scenarios do not bode well for UMNO/BN/Najib. Support for Najib can be seen to be dwindling by the hour as his desperate attempts to lure PR Assemblymen in Perak continue to backfire (that is if its true he is in the midst of luring them). Both scenario A & B will force a state level snap election which he really wants to avoid. BN/UMNO/Najib knows they can't and won't win no matter how hard they try to gerrymander the election. The old school of thought of giving and promising goodies for votes and support is long gone (Permatang Pauh and Kuala Terengganu by-elections are proof of this).

At the end of the day again we The Rakyat hold the key. BN/UMNO still fail to realise their existense depends on us and not vice versa. Until they learn to accept this fact BN/UMNO continue to dig their own graves.

Monday, February 2, 2009

Daulat Tuanku!!!!

If what is reported on Malaysian Insider is true our beloved Sultan Perak has once again proved that he has his rakyat at heart. By Elections it is for Behrang and Changkat Jering!!!! By the looks of things those two Assemblymen are caught between a rock and a hard place. Too bad for them for wanting or intending to barter a better deal with BN/UMNO. Losing their seats and banned for 5 years to boot!!! This is what they deserve for their selfishness and greed. They have no moral standing and despite their many efforts to say that they represent their constituents their actions proved otherwise. Dissapearing for 5 days without any word and making lame excuses of being sick is akin to a schoolboy trying to get out of being in trouble for playing hookie/truant.
The next thing for PR to do is to get it right this time. Which is to select the right candidate to stand for the forthcoming by-elections. Not withstanding the possibility of the by-elections being blocked by the courts this will most likely be the Waterloo for BN/UMNO/Najib. Time and again BN/UMNO/Najib underestimate the intelligence of the rakyat. BN/UMNO are still adamant in their ways of misusing the main stream media for their own benefits and interests. Lopsided/one sided reports are the norm day in and day out. One even wonders how the Anchormen/women can live with themselves delivering such one sided reports. BN/UMNO are so out of touch with the current electorate, they don't understand that most if not all voters have had some form of exposure overseas where reporting is fair. Where both the ruling and opposition parties are given equal opportunities to voice their differences. That is the real form of Freedom of the Press unlike here in Bolehland where the Main Stream Media is held at ransom or threatened of losing their licenses if they don't do as their told.
Anyway back to the by-elections. RPK has already pledged 30k, a person who commented on Malaysia Today has even promised to fast 2 weeks in order to pledge 100ringgit for a the PR warchest. My pledge to this worthy cause is 1 thousand ringgit. We the rakyat may not be able to match the mighty war chest of BN/UMNO but every little bit counts in order to realise our dream of a fair and just government not only for ourselves but for our children and granchildren. For too long we have been hoodwinked and taken for a ride by BN/UMNO who have been milking the vast richness of our nation to line their own pockets. Let it stop now. Lets all do our bit to further chip away the mosntrosity which is BN/UMNO.


The drama continues. Just when the speaker announces that letters of resignation have been faxed and received one of the missing PKR Assembymen emerges. Whats more he even denies speculation of defection to BN/UMNO. Why the sudden emergence one wonders?? All I can say is that BN/UMNO/Najib have no choice but to let them go if at all they were kept under wraps by BN/UMNO. As in my previous posting mentioning that all bets are off and the gloves have come off BN/UMNO will never run the risk of contesting another by-election so soon after the KT Debacle. They know the mood on the ground, they know the rakyat is in the mood for change. The UMNO General Assembly is just too close for Najib to run the risk of losing another by-election. Pakatan Rakyat has check mated them once again!!!!
What would make matters worse if the Menteri Besar of Perak dissolves the Perak State Government with the blessings of His Majesty the Sultan of Perak. Najib with his intelligence sources will definitely tell him that BN/UMNO will be annihillated if a snap election at state level is conducted. Better to withdraw now and hold on to whatever is available or left than to run the risk of losing it all in Perak. Further to that losing big in Perak will only diminish whatever influence Najib has left in his own UMNO. The power struggle is not only centered in Perak mind you it is also has far reaching consequences for the UMNO warlords ie. Najib so close to the UMNO General Assembly.
Contesting a state level election would be equated to self destruction or suicide in political terms for Najib. Whats the point of getting two Assemblymen to defect and still not wrestle the state from Pakatan Rakyat?? The worse case scenario for UMNO/BN is if the Perak State Government is dissolved paving the way for a state level election the spectre of losing what he has now is much to great for BN/UMNO to comprehend more so Najib and his bretheren. BN/UMNO have no choice but to BACK OFF.
Still, matters are not really settled! Rumours are strife with the absence of 3 UMNO Assemblymen not attending a briefing with Najib. If this is true the possibility of a further 3 defections would hurt Najib badly more so when he has just assumed Tajol Rosli's position as Head of UMNO in Perak. So the drama will indeed continue and there will be more surprises I'm sure. Lets just sit back and enjoy the show as it has only just begun!!!!!

Sunday, February 1, 2009

Rebranding??? Paradigm Shift???

Barisan Nasional and UMNO REBRANDING???? PARADIGM SHIFT???? Yeah right!!!! With what is happening now it doesn't look like anything has changed or ever will. Desperation, power,position and money is all that matters to Barisan Nasional and UMNO at the moment. Losing Permatang Pauh and Kuala Terengganu has just added salt to the wound of the General Elections concluded in March '08.
The last couple of days has indeed been a roller coaster ride for both UMNO/Barisan Nasional and Pakatan Rakyat. Crossovers and Missing Assemblymen fill cyberspace with all sorts of comments and theories. What does it mean to the men and women on the street?? How does this affect us the Rakyat?? Time and again we are taken as fools by the powers that be that is Barisan Nasional and UMNO. Time and again we are fed with lies and lopsided or one sided news in the main stream media. How can they say they are in the midst of Rebranding or going through a Paradigm Shift?? Do these people think we are that stupid???
First lets talk about the crossover. It is clear that Perak is in turmoil. The power struggle has long been on since the lost of Perak to Pakatan Rakyat. Wheelings and Dealings have been going on but to no avail (as far as BN/UMNO is concerned). However since the crossover by the Honourable Assemblyman from Bota all bets are off. There is a no holds barred bare knuckle fight going on as you read this. WIN AT ALL COST is the Battle Cry from BN/UMNO!! They can't afford another state or parliamentary seat to be lost to Pakatan Rakyat. Hence the dissapearence of 2 Pakatan Rakyat Assemblymen. Whether or not they chose to stay or leave is anyone's guess. People like you and me can only wait and see. If is does happen nothing changes, Pakatan still holds on to Perak albeit by only 1 state seat. Be it as it may I speak for myself in saying that if these 2 crossover to BN/UMNO then there should be a snap state election!!! Let the rakyat choose who is to govern Perak. Let us be the judge as to who should represent us. After all it is our money that they are spending, it is us the Rakyat that they are representing. Their existence is determined by us The Rakyat!!!! Not vice versa!!!! Until BN/UMNO accept or realise this they are only signing their death certificate!!!
Secondly, I was so shocked to read that Datuk Zahid Hamidi announced that 300k will be channeled to each and every UMNO state assemblyman as soon as possible with an added promise of 1 millon in the form of projects. ONLY TO UMNO ASSEMBLYMEN!!!!! This coming from the Federal Government!!!!! If this isn't daylight bribery I don't know what is??? The Federal Government persists in it's efforts to make fools of us The Rakyat. What Rebranding or Paradigm Shift are they talking about??? Should it not be that this infusion of money be directly channeled to the State Government??? Yeah, I understand Perak is governed by Pakatan and not BN, however at the end of the day is it not the people of Perak who should be benifitting not just only areas where the Assemblymen of UMNO represent???? How on earth can BN say they are rebranding or changing for that matter when they blantantly flaunt that only UMNO/BN areas will get support from the Federal Government no less!!!! OUR MONEY!!!! Yet again they the BN Government chooses not to take care of all Malaysians but only people who support them!!! What utter bullshit!! The money should be channneled to the Perak State Government, not only to the UMNO State Assemblymen. If however the Perak State Government doesn't disburse it fairly and squarely as they should only then those idiots in the Federal Government have something to stand on to say that Pakatan is not doing the right thing. Then again I guess it's just too hard for the BN Federal Government to give money to a Opposition Held State.
So its people like you and me who suffer at the end of the day. The rakyat who are not in the UMNO held constituents. How on earth are we to beleive that BN/UMNO are Rebranding when they keep doing things like this. At the end of the day it's Power, Money and Postion which matters most to BN/UMNO. This is just testament to the fact. I am just a Malaysian nothing more nothing less, wanting good governance, fairness and equality for all. I don't see this happening if Malaysia continues to be governed by half wits from UMNO/BN.