Sunday, November 14, 2010

Alternate Government - Is there a viable option???

                Ever since the last 2 by-elections there has been a string of controversies which have plagued the opposition. The main stream media has been splashing reports all over the news be it via television broadcast and print media. Day in and day out we see nothing but negative reports being broadcasted. The opposition themselves especially PKR are not doing their cause any good as well with the ongoing confusion following their historical one member one vote party elections.
                 One thing comes to mind though, is it a concerted effort by the current ruling government to ruin the opposition?? Everyone knows they have the ability and the resources to do just that. Be it cash and the main stream media. This doesn't help the man on the street though. Every self respecting and thinking Malaysian will be in limbo due to the current situation and atmosphere. On one hand we have the current ruling government who controls almost everything.  The main reason being all that is being reported and broadcasted is one sided. There is no opportunity for the parties on the opposite side of the political divide to have their say. It is so blatantly obvious that the ruling government edits and controls what is reported and what is not. How are we as thinking and matured citizens going to make a decision and decide which side of the political divide to support??
                   On the other hand we have the opposition who have nothing but the internet to voice and state their views and tell their side of the situation. For the citizens who are connected to the internet at the very least there is an opportunity to judge for themselves. However what about other citizens who do not have internet access?? How can these people make an educated and fair assessment of parties on both sides of the political divide without first having a fair and unequivocal access to all information??
                   With all the problems cropping up in PKR once again the citizens of Malaysia are faced with a major predicament. There is no longer any trust remaining toward the ruling government of the day (as far as I'm concerned at least). Who is to say all the brouhaha befalling PKR is not the work and effort of BN/UMNO??? Everybody knows they are more than capable and have the un-limited resources to create havoc for any opposition. How can we trust what the ruling government states or says?? The amount of cases which involves mis-appropriation of public funds is mind boggling to say the least. It is after all an open secret is it not??? So we as the citizens of Malaysia wishing, wanting in fact begging for change are left with a question mark. Who can we trust?? Is there really a viable option for us citizens of Malaysia????

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