Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Education Ministry Needs to Make Up their Minds!!!!!

          I just can't understand our government. First they say we must place due diligence to Bahasa Malaysia. Hence the decision to abolish teaching Science and Mathematics in English. Now they want to bring in over 300 teachers from god knows where to improve the teaching standard of English in the country. Just imagine how much that is going to cost!!!! Sure some of us might say it's money well spent. After all didn't we (or should I say only some of us!!) wanted the status quo to remain teaching Science and Maths in English. Then again what's the point in bringing all these expats and paying huge amounts of money when the same amount of money can be spent better by training our own teachers. Maybe spend a little bringing in say 10 or 20 to train our teachers but to bring in over 300????
         Doesn't the government calculate that these over 300 teachers are going to cost?? Again we the rakyat are left in the dark. How much are these expats going to be paid? They are definitely going to be paid allowances apart from their monthly salary! They are definitely going to have houses!! They are definitely going to get cars!! All paid for by us the rakyat!!!! And for how long are we the rakyat going to pay for all these over 300 expats teachers?? 1 year? 2 years?? maybe 5 years?? Well anyone who is from the teaching profession will tell you that the benefit or return of investment for bringing in these expats can and only be seen after at least 3 - 5 years. Here again we bear the cost of what seems to be an idea which has not been thought through.
                Isn't it more frugal and economical to train our own teachers?? After all we are now even making sure only Diploma or even Degree Holders can be teachers. I'm sure these Diploma or Degree Holders are intelligent enough to be trained locally (or maybe not due to our standard of local universities!!!).  After all one seems to recall the Prime Minister stressing that 'Rakyat Diutamakan'!!!! Already we are debt ridden and spending on mega projects which bring little or no benefit for our children and future generations. What's the point of having big tall buildings when our children are left behind in terms of education??? Isn't education one of the foundation for a better future??

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