Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Education is key!!!!

        The message is loud and clear, Malaysians are now screaming at the top of their voices albeit via the alternative media. How else can they voice their displeasure when the Main Stream Media seems only content on airing, printing and broadcasting so called positive views of the rakyat. One can only assume that the editors and producers go through so much editing to ensure only 'good' views are aired, printed and broadcasted. Whilst the majority of the rakyat continues to simmer in anger and dissatisfaction.
         The main point of anger and dissatisfaction seems to be the 100 floor Warisan Merdeka. Heck there is even a facebook page opened by dissatisfied citizens. Members of this page seem to be growing day by day. Everyone seems to want to put their two cents in, and rightly so!!! Why not?? Aren't they citizens of Malaysia?? Is it not their money which will eventually be used to finance yet another white elephant?? There are other mega projects which are not only pointless but just simply a waste of money!!! Building infrastructure is good, I for one am not denying that. Should it not however be complemented with building or shoring up human capital? Which is why education is key.
           There is no one way every single citizen of Malaysia will be happy with a proposed national budget. Everybody will have their own views, however, no one more so parents of young children such as myself will disagree if more money is poured into the education system. Improving the education system must go hand in hand with building infrastructure. What's the point of having massive and impressive buildings when our children or future generations will end up as cleaners of these mega structures. Apart from the conventional education system the government should also look into other forms of education like retraining youths who didn't do well in their formal education. They may have skills in other fields. Thus making sure they are left behind and get involved in unhealthy activities.
                There are such institutes like these in existence such as Giat Mara and so on but not enough support or emphasis is given to institutes like these. Everything needs money these days. Even more so to get a good education. We as parents slog all our lives to ensure that our children have a better future. To pay for their education to ensure they live a better life. Is it not a good education which will ensure that Malaysia will be a high income nation? Only through education which will ensure that our future generations will be competitive in the ever expanding globalized economy. How can we compete with our South East Asian neighbours if the education system is not improved or looked after??? One of the few important factors to draw foreign investors and conglomerates is the ability, capability and professionalism of our citizens. Is it too late for the government of the day to rethink? Maybe it is. If it is indeed too late then it's time for us as citizens to also think not only for ourselves but also for our future generations.

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