Wednesday, October 20, 2010

End Race Debates YB Muhyiddin???

First and foremost who has been beating the drums of racial disharmony??? Who is it that has been shouting at the top of their voices in championing Malay rights???? Who is it that has been going round prosecuting, questioning, threatening in fact insulting other races in Malaysia??? With all due respect Mr Deputy Prime Minister might I humbly ask that you ask yourself these questions first and answer these very questions honestly first before asking or demanding others to end race debates. We Malaysians are not stupid or dumb as you presume us to be Mr Deputy Prime Minister. No longer are hoodwinked by you and your lot twisting the facts and using the main stream media to broadcast to all asunder what you presume to be Malaysians questioning Article 153 of the Federal Constitution. Notice dear Deputy Prime Minister I use the term 'MALAYSIANS' in referring to my fellow respected citizens. Never will I categorize or distinguish my fellow Malaysians according to race and religion as I believe we are all equal under the Malaysian sun.
The injustices and malpractices of the authorities of your government is there for all to see in broad daylight. The list is far too long to even list down. Statements made be it in public or private has damaged the once unity and harmony which we Malaysians have shared and cherished for at least 3 generations. Might I even add that these venomous statements were made by officials, senior civil servants even parliamentarians in the August House. Selective prosecution seems to be the order of the day. While newspapers with individuals who rant and rave about Malay Supremacy are left seemingly untouched, others who only seek equality and fairplay are prosecuted and hounded. Don't you think we the Rakyat see this?? Don't you think we the Rakyat observe the difference??
Need I remind you, your position as Deputy Prime Minister is a result of Malaysians who voted for you. You are where you are now in the exalted position of Deputy Prime Minister due to the voting public of all Malaysians and not just exclusively and purely from Malay votes!! Does this not mean you are the Deputy Prime Minister for all Malaysians?? Which now brings me to your statement of asking or should I say demanding and calling for the end of race debates. May I humbly ask for you to look unto yourself first and foremost and then those to whom you represent in your party to stop making abusive and caustic statements be it via the print or other form of media which we all as Malaysian know is under your and your party's control. What better time for you to redeem yourself in the eyes of the public to be fair and just by telling not only yourself but your party members during your on going party general assembly to do what is right. At the very least try and gain some form of respectability through your actions rather than through your 'position' or 'status'. I am nothing to you that I realize and understand for I am only 1 vote, non the less it is 1 vote less for you and your BN Government if you persist in claiming Malaysians are questioning Article 153 of the Federal Constitution which we clearly are not!! As a voting citizen of my beloved Malaysia I can only ask for my elected leaders to be a leader for all Malaysians and not just a selected few. Is that asking too much????

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