Sunday, October 24, 2010

Remain Calm & Focused Fellow Malaysians

             It has finally begun!! Despite his many speeches calling for the end of extremism our un-elected Prime Minister has finally shot his mouth off. Probably out of fear, probably out of desperation. Nothing has gone right for him since day one. Even his Deputy openly albeit not directly opposes his grand plans of 1Malaysia. His so called mentor Tun Mahathir Mohammad going as far as saying democracy will not work for Malaysia. Instead using China as an example or model with which Malaysia should adopt. Is this another Look East Policy in the making (before being Japan). What most likely was the final straw for most of us Malaysians was the proposed 100 storey sky scrapper Warisan Merdeka. The astonishing announcement came as a shock for so many, citing PNB was the body that proposed it doesn't abscond responsibility. Being the Finance Minister shouldn't he be wise enough to see that this proposed building does no good to the Rakyat? As the Finance Minister can he not say NO to this nonsensical idea?? Echoing the many views which has and will continue to be voiced I too can think of so many other ways to spend 5 billion ringgit to benefit the rakyat as a whole.
                Even on Facebook there are more than 100,000 (and counting I'm sure) who have registered not only their disapproval but their disgust on the proposal for another high rise cum sky scrapper which in time most probably will be the new office for Petronas!!!! However at this point in time it is the clarion call of the Prime Minister during his own party assembly which has caught the rakyat by surprise. To defend Putrajaya even if it means losing lives or shedding blood was what he professed. If this is not a veiled threat to the rakyat I don't know what is??? Maybe I'm just a simpleton who doesn't understand the language of politics but then again is it necessary to utter such words?? Bearing in mind he is a Prime Minister not only to UMNO members but Prime Minister to all Malaysians. Is it not we the rakyat who determines who holds the key to Putrajaya?
                 Despite these apparent threats I would like to beg for all True Malaysians to remain calm. Stay focussed and not be lulled or tricked into losing our senses or even worse our tempers. I must stress here again it is only the desperate who will and continue to use the threat of violence to maintain power. Trust me when I say there will be more fiery taunting and threats which will be made to create an atmosphere of fear. Giving in to these threats is what they want. In fact an atmosphere of civil chaos now seems to be the only way for UMNO/BN to remain in Putrajaya. None of them in Putrajaya holds the key to government. It is us the rakyat who wields the power to determine who remains and who goes. Keep going out and getting other fellow true Malaysians to register if you have not done it yourself. Keep abreast with what is happening around us. Don't only depend on both the main stream media or the alternative media for the current situation. We need to educate ourselves even more of our rights as citizens of Malaysia. Right now RPK is publishing history lessons for us. It is important for us to learn the truth and not the truth according to UMNO/BN. We as true Malaysians have come so far since the 12th General Elections. The momentum is still there, the winds of change is still blowing briskly. We as true Malaysians not only want a breath of fresh air in Putrajaya but we NEED IT!! So remain calm stay focused and stay the course. Always remember fellow brother and sisters of Malaysia we the Rakyat are in charge.

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